Carmen René to hold parents’ meetings
Monday, April 23, 2018
by Ministry of Education
The Carmen René Memorial School has scheduled grade level meetings for parents and guardians of students attending the school. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the grade level and other pertinent issues which impact student-learning. The grade level meetings will be held on the following dates: Grade 6 – Monday, April 23; Grade 5 – Tuesday, April 24; Grade 4 – Wednesday, April 25, grades 3 and 2 – Thursday, April 26; and Grade 1 and K – Wednesday, May 2. All meetings commence at 5 p.m. Please make a special effort to attend.

Ministry Officials

  • Hon. Lenard Peter Montoute / Minister
  • Hon. Edmund Estephane / Minister
  • Sen. Hon. Cathelina Fortuna Belrose / Minister
  • Mr. Donovan Amos Williams / Permanent Secretary
  • Ms. Anne Linda Dawn French / Deputy Permanent Secretary